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Submission Guidelines

We’re open to just about any genre, format, topic, including but not limited to:

Interviews, reviews, op-eds, poetry, fiction, short story, essays, etc.

Artwork, photos, and audio files are also acceptable.

You may contribute as often as you like.  The word count of each submission should be no shorter ( poetry excluded) than 500 words, but no longer than 2,000.  Longer pieces may be broken up and published in installments.

To contribute to xsisterhoodx, you must be registered on xsisterhoodx.com.  Once registered, you must join the xsiserhoodx contributors group. The group is used to pitch content and get feedback on works in progress.

How to Submit
Once you have registered on xsisterhooodx and have joined the contributors group, you may submit your work via the submission form on xsisterhoodx.com

What we Publish
xsisterhoodx publishes original reviews, interviews, editorials, opinion pieces,  articles on subjects about or related to straight edge, hardcore, feminism, activism, etc.  

Sensitive Content
If your submission contains content which mentions or is about triggering content such as sexual assault, suicide, abuse, infant loss etc, please include a warning at the beginning of your work.

All copyrights are and remain the property of the author. The author grants xsisterhoodx electronic rights and first print rights with 3 months exclusivity from date of publication and archiving.